Mahalo America
Shakahula (Keep It Real)
Where I Belong
Caught Up In The Rainbow
I Hear You
Full Circles
Love On The Beach
Aloha Miles Away
My Hawai’i
Flower Lei
Bird Of Paradise
Tradewinds (Hula-la)
Brother’s Got A Problem
Kalikimaka (I Love Christmas)
Beginnin’ With Me (Get The Funk)
In My Heart I Know
Shakahula (Sweet Okole Extended Remix)
Where I Belong (Kimi Ga Irukara/Japanese)

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During a short break, I did some shopping, sightseeing and eating in the district of Asukura. My hosts from Japan even brought me to sacred temples where I participated in customary ceremonies. I was most intrigued when two young ladies approached me for an autograph while holding my "Aloha Miles Away" CD. It was delightful to see them walking around in their kimonos!

My first concert was held in Tokyo. I met so many wonderful people and fans at the "Live Aloha Live 2005" program. I was most honored to have Noriko, a native of Japan, perform with me to "Flower Lei" while dancing the hula. The audience filled the hall with a sweetness that I've never felt before.

I was very emotional at my two other concerts in the district of Shizuoka. I performed to many songs from my previous albums that stirred-up memories. Singing my only Japanese song, "Kimi Ga Irukara (Where I Belong)" gave me chills with a strong connection of spirit. The natives appeared to understand what I was singing about in my American tunes even if they knew no English. Most of all, the fans in Shizuoka were so gracious!

I was treated to the most exquisite dinner by Takeshi and Yuko, my very special friends from Japan. We ate at Gonpachi, a famous restaurant that President Bush dined at in the up-scale neighborhood of Nishi Azabu. No kidding, it was the absolute best Japanese food I have ever tasted! The service was fast and incredible. Everything seemed to melt in my mouth, including the teriyaki beef and chicken.

The highlight of my trip was the marriage of Raymond and Noriko! I was honored to be chosen as a legal witness on their Japanese marriage certificate. I traveled with them to City Hall in Tokyo to conduct the documentation process. Congratulations to Raymond and Noriko, I wish you the very best in life together!

Raymond & Noriko's "Love Story"

I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to my Japanese interpretors Maki and Kinuko. Big arigato to the production staff, Hiroko and Michiko. Domo arigato gozaimas to Yuko, Takeshi, Shin, Sono, Go, Kenta, Raymond, Noriko, Gerard, and everyone else who shared the magical moments.

Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Fujinomiya
July 23rd-August 1st, 2005

Domo arigato gozaimas to everyone who made my time in Japan the most awesome and amazing! Truly, there are no words to describe what I am feeling now that I have experienced life throughout Japan! I never knew that Japan was the same size as California, and yet, the population is abundantly one-half the size of all America! Every individual that I met gave me the feeling of true honor, respect and friendly hospitality. Japan's customer service ethics and their pride in visual presentation is breathtaking! They are remarkable people who give the most of themselves, and yet, they refuse to accept any form of 'tipping' or compensation. Mahalo nui loa to the people of Japan for opening my eyes to another dimension.

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