Mahalo America
Shakahula (Keep It Real)
Where I Belong
Caught Up In The Rainbow
I Hear You
Full Circles
Love On The Beach
Aloha Miles Away
My Hawai’i
Flower Lei
Bird Of Paradise
Tradewinds (Hula-la)
Brother’s Got A Problem
Kalikimaka (I Love Christmas)
Beginnin’ With Me (Get The Funk)
In My Heart I Know
Shakahula (Sweet Okole Extended Remix)
Where I Belong (Kimi Ga Irukara/Japanese)

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I performed with Lulu to her beautifully choreographed presentations of "Flower Lei" and "Caught Up In The Rainbow". I got chills down my spine when the audience sang along, knowing each and every word to the lyrics of my songs. So many hugs were exchanged as I was touched by the lives of the people. Mexicans have shown me a deep sincerity of gratitude, generosity and delicious home cooking.

Meeting Lulu's special Ohana gave me the special feeling that I will return to Mexico City with opened arms awaiting. Beto, Tiare, Papa, Mama, Liz, Lily, Paquito and Paco shared with me many magical moments. They treated me to fancy restaurants and shared their private lives with me. Muchas Gracias to all of them! I will always remember their Aloha Spirit!

I had one day of free time in which I traveled to Puebla City, about a two hour drive outside of Mexico City. The countryside was so gorgeous, I sometimes felt like I was in Hawai'i. The churches and architecture was absolutely magnificent. I sunk my teeth into "Mole", a traditional gravy that is served with chicken or pollo as they call it. I attended the Holiday Fair at the open mart where I did some fun shopping and ate fresh corn on the cob.

I performed with many of Lulu's dancers from her halau. They were so talented and spirited for the hula. I enjoyed watching them at the Welcome Breakfast banquet. Lulu conducted a Hula Workshop for other dancers throughout Mexico. One dancer even traveled for nine hours (one way) to attend the workshop! I have never witnessed such sacrifice and dedication!

I learned so much about the music and dance of Mexico. It was amazing to see live Mariachi performers. My spirit was dancing the entire time! On the pop scene, I was introduced to Alejandro Fernandez and Luis Miguel. They are wonderful singers with such emotion and passion! They have inspired my artistry!

I'd like to send a gigantic Muchas Gracias to all the people of Mexico! You are a culture of genuine beauty and love! Muchas Gracias to Papa, Mama, Lulu, Beto, Liz, Lily, Tiare, Paquito and everyone who helped make Mexico City the time of my life! I wish you all the blessings of love and happiness!

Featuring Miss Lovely Hula Hands
Waianuhea Lourdes Rodriguez
Mexico City-Puebla City
September 2005

God bless the people of Mexico City! Viva Mexico! What an awesome time I had! I will treasure the heartfelt memories for a lifetime. Miss Lovely Hula Hands, Waianuhea Lourdes Rodriguez or "Lulu" as the Mexican natives address her, shared the beauty and Spirit of Aloha in her warm and respectful country. Within ten days, I appeared on many radio station programs, live performances and public appearances for the fans. I was honored and privileged to appear on "Nuestra Casa" on XHTV in Mexico City. This popular television program is broadcast to 112 countries reaching over 200 million viewers. I met the legendary singer, Jorge Muniz, who expressed such warmth and kindness to me. One of the highlights was being in Mexico for their Idependance Day fiesta on September 16, 2005.

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